photograph of mark pearson

artist background: mark pearson

Mark Pearson has focussed on photography as an expression of his personal practice, coming to focus more and more in recent years on abstract photography.

The regular photographic hunting trips around Fremantle and Australia nourish the core of his creative drive. Mark has specialised in developing abstract photography, particularly micro views of reflections on water and glass surfaces.

Mark has spent twenty years teaching in the area of expressive arts therapies and counselling, around Australia, and eight years teaching the use of creative arts in international, multi-cultural settings. He has published extensively in the areas of creative arts therapies and personal and therapeutic development.

Throughout 2008 and 2009 Mark passed many hours with his camera prowling the waterways of Fremantle, Perth and Sydney (in fact around any lakes, ponds, rivers, fountains, harbours he could find), searching for certain moments when the reflected light, the water, the gentle wave movements came together to generate new microcosms of beauty.

These pages represents several years of capturing naturally occurring images that are simply reflections of light on the surface of moving water - primarily around Fremantle Boat Harbour, and other waterways around Australia.

Mark lives close to and works in Fremantle. He has been the recipient of several Commonwealth Literary Fund Scholarships and has over a dozen books in print, the latest being: Pearson, M., & Wilson, H. (2009). Using expressive arts to work with mind, body and emotions. Theory and practice. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Professional doctorate research commenced in February 2010 - using creative arts and multiple intelligence theory in support of enhancing the therapeutic alliance in counselling. Mark also lectures in Counselling and facilitates personal growth groups, at the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle, Australia.

He is the director of the Expressive Therapies Institute of Australia. See more of Mark’s background, courses and publications at:

photo of Mark [above] by Helen Wilson 2009